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A Rolfer™ works on connective tissue, or fascia, to release tensions and tightness accumulated over the years. By applying pressure we allow the tissue to let go of their holding patterns, patterns that can be created by physical or emotional trauma.

I have a deep belief that we can’t feel emotionally well if we’re not at peace with our bodies. Peace can mean very different things for different people. Maybe you have some physical pain that needs to be addressed, or you just know there’s something a little off that you can’t pin point. Maybe you’ve even lost touch with your body altogether following a disease, car accident, trauma of some kind.

Through Rolfing® Structural Integration I can help you explore these areas of your body where you’re holding your pain or those where you don’t go.

“When the body gets working appropriately, the forces of gravity can flow through.

Then, spontaneously the body heals itself.”

– Dr. Ida P. Rolf

What People are saying . . .

I recently had a 10 session series with Mélanie. I had some issues with trauma to my body and the sessions were quite helpful. Mélanie is very gifted, possessing a very caring and kind touch. She was always mindful of the fact that I had pain in certain areas and was very careful of those areas, always checking to make sure that I was comfortable before, during and after the work that she did.

When I began the sessions, I had a lot of pain in several areas but I also had some postural issues thereby creating stress in my muscles even making it difficult to walk at times. After each Rolfing® session, I felt more balanced within my body and less noise coming from my joints. When the sessions were completed, I felt that my body moved much more efficiently, and the pain was gone. Melanie guided me through each session with patience and used her special brand of caring touch during all of the rolfing sessions.

I can’t thank her enough for this experience. The changes have definitely added to my quality of life and enhanced my knowledge of my body and how it functions.

Cecilia C.

The Rolfing process gave me more confidence, freedom of movement and comfort in my own body. I became aware of my postural patterns and received the body work and support to move out of them. I’ve had other body work and have done a lot of yoga, but have never worked with anyone who had such a good understanding of my postural patterns and restrictions. Melanie has a wonderful presence that is directive but gentle. I felt comfortable and at ease under her care.

Jenny M.

Medical student

I always thought rolfing was going to be a painful, but my rolfing experience with Melanie was amazing. Melanie was excellent at listening to my body, and very patient with areas that didn’t want to relax. I felt like I had a new body after every session, and to my surprise was never sore the next day. Melanie helped me become aware of my posture and taught me several exercises to prolong the benefits of the rolfing series. She is a very skilled rolfing practitioner and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to know how great they can feel in their body.

Gretchen I.