Children have bodies too.


They grow up fast. Sometimes their tissue can’t follow the growth, or there are accidents, falls, surgeries. Do you have scar tissue from injuries? Now imagine what scar tissue can do to a body that is still growing… it won’t prevent growth obviously but it can act as a pull, an anchor in the tissue that shouldn’t be there.

That will create more distortions and tensions and the child will develop pain.

I know a little guy, just 5 years-old who has already broken his leg twice, he complains of leg pain and back pain.

5 year-olds shouldn’t complain of back pain

That’s a perfect candidate for Rolfing. My daughter twisted her left ankle pretty badly last year, she got rolfed. Even something as minor as a strong twist had consequences on her tissue, she had a lot of tension on her leg going up all the way to the hip.

Rolfing can help a lot of conditions found in children:

  • pigeon toes
  • club foot
  • scoliotic patterns
  • torticolis
  • digestive issues
  • scar tissue from injuries or surgeries
  • sprains and ensuing tensions



Kids change so fast, only one session is often all it takes to take care of restrictions.

Sessions last anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the issue, the age of the child and his or her tolerance for the work. Even though the works is gentle they’re not always in the mood for being poked or tickled (as my daughter says). The parent stays in the room with the child at all times.

I offer free sessions for kids 0 to 12. I am conveniently located in North Portland close to I 5, a few blocks form the Interstate tram station, and there’s plenty of parking on the neighboring streets.

Call to make an appointment for the children in your life.