I’m on Facebook now, as you all know, duh…

So like the rest of the planet I’ve been enjoying the Humans of New York series.

It makes me cry so often. Not because it’s sad, sometimes it is, but more often it’s not.

When I read those people’s story, I keep thinking that these people are extraordinary. Some have overcome horrible things. Some haven’t. Some have walked miles and knocked on every door to find a job, some have waited most of their lives to find the career they’re passionate about and never want to retire.

The willfulness, the courage, the hope that a lot of these people have, is really amazing and awe worthy. Or there are the people with incredible personalities that make you think: oh, I wish I was like that, or I wish I had a little bit of that.

They all have stories, stories that I find extra-ordinary, and yet they’re just ordinary people,

the kind you cross on the street and never look at, myself included. Because we’re busy, and we can’t just stop and talk to every stranger on the street. But is anybody really ever ordinary?

That’s what I love about my work as a Rolfer™. I work with people, Humans (of Portland in my case).

I work on people’s stories.

Everyone has a body. And when I put my hands on someone I am connecting with their stories.

Some people talk and like telling their stories with words; others only mention their stories when something comes up in the work: oh you know what, I had this fall when I was 11 or 10 and…; others don’t say anything at all and that’s absolutely fine too. I know they’re thinking, they’re connecting with a part of themselves that they don’t always listen to.

I like connecting with human beings.

I like simply being in the same room as another Human without judging them.

I listen; I listen to your bodies. I look at them with an eye, not a critical eye, but a curious eye, not to judge, but to unfold the story. And to see where the next chapter is going to lead us. Usually my clients want to get some relief, from tension, or pain, so the next chapter is often trying to get away from pain.

I shouldn’t say that.

The next chapter is always to walk toward ease.

Ease in your own body, in your own life, ease in your story. Your stories, happy or sad, easy or difficult, are what made you who you are today, for better or for worse. Don’t spend time regretting, you can change things, even little things add up and can create big changes. Getting Rolfing® is not a little thing, I admit.

Rolfing is a commitment, an investment in yourself.

It’s you deciding that you are going to start a new chapter.

Obviously some things hurt you or you wouldn’t be in my office. How can we take the energy from your past and transform it into a sustainable energy for the future? How can we teach your body that it doesn’t have to stay stuck in this state of pain, how can we reach homeostasis again? How can we make sure that your story has a happy ending?

Somebody said “Growth is painful. Change is painful. But nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong.”

So if you’re feeling like you’re ready to move on and do something for yourself, call me, I would love to hear your story.